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Re: T39/T65/T68/T68i box, 7650 box etc. new products

From: Pascal Miquet
Subject: Re: T39/T65/T68/T68i box, 7650 box etc. new products
Date: 29 Nov 2002 14:00:40 +0100

You may have ssh or telnet connection throught HTTP, if you run WEBMIN.

Pascal Miquet

Le ven 29/11/2002 à 11:56, Krishna Dagli a écrit :
> > How to do it with mailman over the http interface?

Over http interface? ie you do not have shell.  Someone with
shell access can setup these. 
Here is cut/paste from mailman faq"

Q. My users hate HTML in their email and for security
reasons, I want to strip out all MIME attachments. How can I
do this? 
A. Mailman 2.1 will probably have this feature built-in, but
for now you can use add-on tools such as demime or
stripmime. More information on these tools can be found at: 


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