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Re: voice dialling

From: Tijmen Stam
Subject: Re: voice dialling
Date: Wed, 27 Nov 2002 03:45:33 +0100

loo ch wrote:

>  hi, i'm a undergraduate student. Got some questions here while doing
> my project..
> 1. how to interface between pc and house phone so that a call can be
> made after a command received by pc through microphone?
> there any software that free download from internet can make call
> to house phone but not a online pc?
> thanx regards LOO
1: Use a Modem. Just use some software to process the sound signal, then
let that software do a modem command "ATDT<phonenumber>",  and then the
modem dails that number, and you can then pick up the phone and talk...

2: no idea


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