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Re: gnokii daemon, etc

From: Carlos Fernandez Sanz
Subject: Re: gnokii daemon, etc
Date: Sat, 16 Nov 2002 17:46:11 +0100

> > SMSD requires a AT capable phone.
> No, it does not.

Then the smsd I found is a different one :-) What's the URL for yours? I
found one in SMS tools, but that's not it.

> > BTW, gnokii takes a long time to open the connection with the phone
> > 3310) it possible to open the connection, send a batch of SMS and
> > it? Is there something in the nokia protocol that prevents it?
> It is possible. And this is what smsd does when it sends multiple SMS.

Yeah, I did a quick test with gnokii. It still takes like 4 seconds per SMS,
I was expecting something like 1. I wonder what the real limit is.

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