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5125 (TDMA) and 3280 (CDMA) MBUS commands

From: Cesario
Subject: 5125 (TDMA) and 3280 (CDMA) MBUS commands
Date: Mon, 4 Nov 2002 21:52:33 -0200

        Hello from Florianopolis...

    First, someone knows where may I find a comparative list of
characteristics of Nokia phones? I´m lost in the large range of models GSM,

    I´m working with a 5125 (TDMA) and a 3280 (CDMA) used here (GSM is just
staring here) and I need more info about the commands via MBUS
    I´m programing  a uC ATMEL 89S8252 to send SMS using these two models.
    To do it with 3280 perhaps I can use AT commands, but 5125 needs a deep
knowledge of MBUS protocol...

    I found two files with useful info. The author are Balazs Nagy et Alii.

1) nokia.txt
2) nk6160.txt (and nk6110nuevo.txt)

But I need a little tip from the people: In the file nokia.txt I found:
"Frame format for MBUS version 2
    { FrameID, DestDEV, SrcDEV, MsgType, etc, etc, etc... {} SeqNo, ChkSum }

        where FrameID:    0x1f: Serial / M2BUS
        MsgType: see list....." <-----------------------HERE IS MY QUESTION
! ! !

The list described in the file nk6160 and others is this one?

0x01: Call Information
    s voice call?           { 0x0001, "numbers", 5,1,1,5,81,1,0,0,1 }
0x02: SMS handling
    s Send SMS message      { 0x0001, 0x02, 0x00 (SEND REQUEST), ... }
    r Message sent          { 0x0002 }

Someone may help me explaining a little more these topic?


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