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SONY VAIO N505X - Nokia 6150

From: Szabo, Tamas
Subject: SONY VAIO N505X - Nokia 6150
Date: Mon, 12 Aug 2002 14:28:03 +0100


I already wrote a mail few months ago, but there was not any reply which
helps me. Now I try again maybe anybody solved this trouble.

I've a SONY VAIO PCG-N505X and I would like to use with a Nokia 6150.

AFAIK, 6150 uses so called DirectIR - and under Linux it is work with SIR
only. In the notebook bios there is only FIR mode.

The driver in VAIO is a PC97339 Super I/O chip and the nsc-ircc (for
PC87338) module  loads correctly. I tried with HP HSDL-2300 dongle (based on
Win98 properties).

If I use irda, (irdadump, irdaping) the phone communicate with PC - so I
think the IR port works good on PC and phone also.

Is it possible that I can not use my VAIOs IR  in SIR mode?

Which modules are necessary for SIR mode (I compile ircomm, ircomm-tty,
irtty, irda, nsc-ircc, irport) and in case of 6150 which device file can I
use (/dev/ttyS<n>? /dev/ircomm<n>?)

Maybe some options missing at insmod/modprobe?

I don't want to believe that it is impossible >:-(

Heeeelp! Pleeeeze!


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