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xgnokii: don't read all phonebook entries

From: Pal Tamas
Subject: xgnokii: don't read all phonebook entries
Date: Sat, 24 Aug 2002 23:09:54 +0200
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I've got this problem with my 6110 and gnokii version 0.4.3 and up:

When reading the phonebooks xgnokii doesn't read all the entries, only the
first 'used' number of them.

I've found the problem in xgnokii/xgnokii_lowlevel.c

This patch would solve the problem:
----- cut here -----
--- gnokii-cvs/gnokii-orig/xgnokii/xgnokii_lowlevel.c Mon Aug 19 01:30:48
+++ gnokii-cvs/gnokii/xgnokii/xgnokii_lowlevel.c Sat Aug 24 19:36:52 2002
@@ -551,7 +551,7 @@
                /* FIXME: It only works this way at the moment */
                /*              if (error != GE_NONE)
-               if (read == mla->used) {  
+               if (read == mla->max) {
                        mla->status = error;
                        entry.Empty = true;
                        entry.Name[0] = 0;
----- cut here -----

Tamas Pal

Version: 3.1.2
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