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Re: GSM::Gnokii

From: Konstantinos Agouros
Subject: Re: GSM::Gnokii
Date: 26 Aug 2002 06:21:48 GMT
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In <address@hidden> address@hidden (Pawel Kot) writes:

>On 25 Aug 2002, Konstantinos Agouros wrote:

>> >No. It's rather like analysing all these stuff. Simple search and replace
>> >wouldn't be enough.
>> I feared that You would say that. So I have to wait for the errors the
>> compiler prints out.

>Maybe you'll feel better when I say, that after 0.5.0 no serious changes
>in the API are planned. The API will be consistant and not conflicting
>with any other library (hopefully). And, if I won't make any big mistake,
>the API will remain backward compatible for quite long time.
That sounds great. Then I will finally stay with two compiler warnings
(VERSION and _ redefined). Since suddenly I don't need to redefine anything
that has a bool in it.

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