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Re: Nokia 8310: Supported? xgnokii SMS deletion fails.

From: Pawel Kot
Subject: Re: Nokia 8310: Supported? xgnokii SMS deletion fails.
Date: Fri, 16 Aug 2002 11:46:18 +0200 (CEST)

On 16 Aug 2002, svante eriksson wrote:

> The primary need for me was to backup some SMSs, and this worked fine
> from within xgnokii [2].  The only problem I've had was to delete
> SMSs.  I don't have any logs available from the attempts, but will
> provide it (and any other necessary info) upon request.

Markus, what's the status on the SMS delete with nk6510 driver?

> I did not find much information on the level of the 8310 support in
> the documentation, but some other features seem to work well.  My
> question is basically if someone's actually working on making gnokii
> work with the 8310.  Should I expect all features in gnokii/xgnokii to
> work?  Is the 8310 sufficiently similar to any other (maintained)
> model to use that model id instead (while 8310 support is being
> developed)?

Well, 8310 is supported by nk6510 driver which is maintained by Markus. As
you can see Markus uses Nokia 6510 for this but apparently the protocol
used is the same. Having Nokia 6310 I also provide some functionality to
this driver. Unfortunately Markus' phone is currently in the service and
I'm quite busy with other things (non-gnokii and gnokii API), so the
development has a bit slow down at the moment. Not for long I think.

> [2] With one small exception that caused erroneous dates in the stored
> SMSs, due to xgnokii_sms.c apparently not handling the 4-digit years
> in the dates of the SMSs received from the 8310.  This is circumvented
> by the patch below.

Ah, this series has the broken idea of the PDU SMS format. We need to
workaround it in the driver I think. Thanks for spotting this.

> *** xgnokii_sms.c.~1.43.~     Fri Jul 26 15:59:53 2002
> --- xgnokii_sms.c     Tue Aug  6 19:40:21 2002
> ***************
> *** 606,611 ****
> --- 606,613 ----
>               t.tm_mday = atoi(text);
>               t.tm_mon = atoi(text + 3) - 1;
>               t.tm_year = atoi(text + 6);
> +             if (t.tm_year > 1900)
> +                     t.tm_year -= 1900;
>               if (t.tm_year < 70)
>                       t.tm_year += 100;

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