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Re: where's gnokiirc

From: Percy de Leon
Subject: Re: where's gnokiirc
Date: Fri, 16 Aug 2002 04:47:49 +0800


> Funny. NSM-3 listed as a 8210 in common/misc.c. You can
> try to use xgnokii, it should work!

yeah, i've already tried xgnokii and it worked. i just
noticed that it cant read names in english encoding in my
phone - but it reads chinese characters in my phone and
render it in english encoding in xgnokii. strange, but...
oh, well. i also noticed that gif files can't be imported in
gnokii and use it as a logo file (or i'm missing another
point here).

thank you very much for your advice bozo! you've been a
great help!

having fun on gnokii,

percy (gnokii newbie) 

Percy de Leon
pdeleon at punkass dot com

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