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RE: [OT]: Free projects things

From: Marcin Wiacek
Subject: RE: [OT]: Free projects things
Date: Sun, 11 Aug 2002 19:07:32 +0200


> First of all. I consider it highly inpolite being called in that way.
Sorry. I will simply tell "Hello".

> Correct tag for offtopic mails is [OT].
Thank you.


We can very long "speak", if some things are polite or not or who made
how many percent of something. I don't also expect people here (mygnokii
list) or in gnokii list to answer - they're interested in having working
and good stable software, not in quarrels or something.

I explained only some things connected more or less with name, you
started some quarrels and send answers only to mygnokii list (not to
gnokii list).

If my words are highly inpolite, sorry (excluding fact: what was wrong
for example in my words, that gnokii wasn't enough for me because of
some bahaviours, which wasn't OK for me). But this is my opinion and I
only showed it. BTW, in past you ignored many times some my emails,
where I asked very, very polite for explaining something (I will NOT
search my archives for it - it's not important here, when and how; it's
important, that it happended). It was very polite especially, that
nodoby quarreled then...

If want to "speak" with me about "old" things, please go to priv. My
private email is known. More replies sent only to mygnokii (not to
gnokii, although thing is related) list and I will not answer anymore.

Pozdrowienia/Best Regards
Marcin Wiacek (mailto:address@hidden,,

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