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Re: CVS update: smsd should work

From: Michael Meier
Subject: Re: CVS update: smsd should work
Date: Wed, 7 Aug 2002 20:40:38 +0200

> Damn! I forgot to commit a file. 

might happen :)

> Fixed now. But actually 
> unmodified smsd shouldn't work with yesterday's CVS. There 
> weren't any fixes for the smsd problem. Did you use the 
> unmodified CVS of smsd or with my 'patch' applied?

Nope, didnt apply any patches but i didnt have sms in my inbox this
I downloaded the current CVS. It compiles fine.
Here are my test results:
6210 - smsd - no sms in inbox: working fine (sending, receiving)
6210 - smsd - 2 sms in inbox: working fine (bug fixed!)
6310 - gnokii --monitor: no good.. segfaults after retrieving network
information and sms status first time
6310 - smsd - several sms: seems to work, but i'm not sure.. prints
"Getting SMS" a lot of times, but shows some of my sms until i cancelled
b/c i'm a bit afraid it will delete the messages in put in my own
folders and not only in the inbox (can anyone *confirm* that it will
only delete in inbox please?)

Hope that helps


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