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gnokii 0.4.3

From: Pawel Kot
Subject: gnokii 0.4.3
Date: Tue, 6 Aug 2002 00:42:46 +0200 (CEST)


gnokii 0.4.3 is out. Highlights from the changelog contain:
 - nk6510 driver updates - a lot of new functionality, fixes to existing
(done by Markus Plail)
 - nk6100 driver updates - new functionality, fixes to the extising
functionality (done by Bozo)
 - nk7110 driver updates fixes (coordinated by Markus)
 - gnokii/xgnokii changes that cover new functionality (again Markus)
 - SMSD updates. should work correctly with SMS folders (Markus and Jan
 - few other, mainly internal, changes

See the detailes in the changelog (

See the gnokii mirrors and gnokii homepage 

Note that some links on the savannah site 
are broken from time to time -- it is independent of the gnokii team. Blame
the savannah team.

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