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Re: source code related questions

From: Pawel Kot
Subject: Re: source code related questions
Date: Tue, 30 Jul 2002 17:53:36 +0200

>>> address@hidden 30 July 2002 10:32:14 >>>
> Hm, sorry, no it's not. GSM_Info is defined extern in cfgreader.c and 
> not extern in cfgreader.h.
> cfgreader.h is included by cfgreader.c, by tcp.c, by unixserial.c and 
> some more. This means I get multiple definitions again.

Sorry, I mismerged my changes. Fixed.

> I propose putting global variable definitions (without extern) like 
> GSM_Info into a file called global.c and defining them in their header 
> file as extern. Every module that needs a global variable includes the 
> header file (extern definition) and links against global.o (non-extern 
> definition)

But I think it is done this way.

> This should also work for the glink problem.

glink problem remains only with cbus/duncall. You don't want to compile
is at the moment, as it probably doesn't link.


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