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Re: Am I too stupid for xgnokii?

From: Konstantinos Agouros
Subject: Re: Am I too stupid for xgnokii?
Date: 27 Jul 2002 09:31:35 GMT
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In <address@hidden> address@hidden (Pawel Kot) writes:

>On 26 Jul 2002, Konstantinos Agouros wrote:

>> >Are you 100% sure there's no old xgnokii lying around somewhere?
>> Yes that was it...

>I think I did advise you to remove all old gnokii things. Didn't I?
Yes You did but since I suspected libgnokii, and that was always updated
I didn't look for xgnokii especially \:)))

>> whose idea was a default-path of /usr/local/X11R6/bin?

>Mine. In fact it is $prefix/X11R6/bin, which is suitable for prefix=/usr
>which I always use. Anyway I see now that it is not the best idea. I'll
>change is so it installs into $xgnokii-prefix/bin, where when
>--xgnokii-dir is not set xgnokii-prefix is equal to prefix. It will
>require some changes in configure and Makefiles though.
Might be a good idea...

>> OK solved now I only need to solve the library stuff for GSM::Gnokii.

>Todays changes may solve your problems.
Is it save to go to cvs in terms of API-Changes? I wouldn't want to do
a new version of the module for every checkin. BTW Should I be successfull
if I test with my old 6150?

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