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gnokii on hpux11 - any success stories?

From: Andreas Wundsam
Subject: gnokii on hpux11 - any success stories?
Date: Wed, 24 Jul 2002 14:59:59 +0200
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Hi everyone,

I have been (unsuccesfully) trying to install gnokii on a 32bit hp server
running HPUX11 for some hours now. 

While I was able to solve the initial
autoconfigure problem that was posted on this mailinglist in November
2001 by patching the configure script, I run into grave problems during
the compilation (using gmake, gnu gcc), as many of the constants used in 
unixserial.c were not defined by the HPUX header files. Other files,
e.g. linuxirda.c seemed to be included wrongly and didn't compile at

Has anyone sucessfully installed (and run) gnokii under HPUX? I'd be
grateful for any hints...


Andi Wundsam

WorNet Aktiengesellschaft                          address@hidden
Andreas Wundsam                   Das  
Buergermeister-Graf-Ring 28     Intranet         Tel.: 08171/41809-0
82538 Geretsried-Gelting       Systemhaus         Fax: 08171/41809-9  

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