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CVS updates/gnokii 0.4.2

From: Pawel Kot
Subject: CVS updates/gnokii 0.4.2
Date: Mon, 22 Jul 2002 00:59:32 +0200 (CEST)


There were a lot of changes in the CVS last days. They touched mainly
nk6510 driver and xgnokii functionality. Again, many thanks for Markus for
his great job. You should be able to sens SMS with nk6510 driver with no
problems at the moment. xgnokii should not suffer from the most problems
reported to the list. cr-handling.patch still to be examined and applied.
Also added nokia 7190 to the supported phones list.

I also applied the patch allowing 6310 be accessed by dlr3p cable. I also
introduced new conection type: dlr3p. DO USE dlr3p for the connection type
when using it with nk6510 driver. When you use 'serial' value you will get
50% failures. 'dlr3p' is not perfect though. After few (8-10) sequent
connections I need to reset my phone to get it connect again. The
following table should help you:

         \ Driver       | nk6100        | nk7110        | nk6510        |
Conn type \             |               |               |               |
irda                    | infrared      | irda/infrared | irda/infrared |
dau9p                   | serial/dau9p  | serial/dau9p  | serial/dau9p  |
dlr3p                   | -             | serial/dlr3p  | dlr3p         |

1. You will have to reset the phone after you used dlr3p connection with
nk6510 driver and then switched to dau9p.

gnokii 0.4.2 will be released very soon. Hope to get more people testing
with the 6310 with dlr3 cable.

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