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Re: [bugreport] 6310 writephonebook

From: Markus Plail
Subject: Re: [bugreport] 6310 writephonebook
Date: Wed, 17 Jul 2002 09:10:47 +0200
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Hi Len!

* Len Trigg writes:
> I discovered my problem was that I wasn't calling make install every
> time -- just running the gnokii executable in the location that it was
> built. I guess in that case it was loading an older

You are for sure not the first to stumble over that. I had some nice
time trying to fix a bug when I realized I used some older version by
accident ;-)

>> PS: I will commit all phonebook fixes in a minute. Please test.
> OK, I still get an extra digit being appended to some phone numbers
> (e.g. the third subentry in my example below).

I don't get those. See below.

> Another question: What values should I be using for the BlockNumber
> field for subentries? The method I use so far is to start at 2 and
> increase by 1 per subentry. Also, the subentries are returned in a
> different order to what they were sent (I presume it's the phone doing
> some kind of rearrangement?)

Blocknumbers are totally irrelevant for the 6510.

> Example entry sent to the phone:
> Name1;74083484;ME;10;2;11;3;2;212431141;11;3;3;21445419;11;2;4;74083484;
> Results when read back from the phone:
> Name1;74083484;ME;10;2;11;2;3;74083484;11;3;4;212431141;11;3;5;214454194

Works fine here:

> <paranoia>I have (consistently) swapped some digits in the phone
> numbers</paranoia>

;-) But I can assure you that nobody will ever see them anyways.


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