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[bug report] 6310, long phonebook number fields?

From: Len Trigg
Subject: [bug report] 6310, long phonebook number fields?
Date: Wed, 17 Jul 2002 12:10:35 +1200
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> * Len Trigg writes:
> > I have updated my cr-handling patch for the recent changes in
> > gnokii.c. The patch also upped the maximum line length to 512
> > characters (it was recently upped from 99 to 256, but this is still
> > insufficient for long phonebook entries).
> What for do you need cr handling?

This is for text entries (mainly addresses and notes) that contain
carriage returns -- without the patch, the semicolon format spans
several lines instead of a single line, confusing programs that expect
one phonebook entry per line. My patch converts carriage returns to \n
(two characters) in getphonebook, and vice versa when parsing the
semicolon format in writephonebook.


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