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Re: [patch] cr-handling for phonebook, updated.

From: Markus Plail
Subject: Re: [patch] cr-handling for phonebook, updated.
Date: Tue, 16 Jul 2002 08:40:28 +0200
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* Len Trigg writes:
> I have updated my cr-handling patch for the recent changes in
> gnokii.c. The patch also upped the maximum line length to 512
> characters (it was recently upped from 99 to 256, but this is still
> insufficient for long phonebook entries).

* Len Trigg writes:
> I did a little experimenting to see what the maximum number of
> characters I could store in text fields in my phone (6310). I then used the
> gnokii --getphonebook option to read the phonebook entry. About half
> of the text fields had an extra character appended to the end. My
> hypothesis (not that I know where to look to verify this) is that
> maybe the arrays that this data is being placed into isn't being
> correctly initialized with NULLs?

> FYI, the length of these entries appears to be about 58 characters,
> which is larger than the 48 characters that appears in gsm-common.h. I
> tried upping this number but that appeard to confuse things even more.

* Len Trigg writes:
> When writing entries to the 6310 phonebook, the location seems to be
> one less than that given in the input file. If I specify location 2,
> gnokii reports that it is writing to location 2, but the entry is
> actually placed in location 1. If I specify location 1, it appears
> that the entry is placed at the next free memory position.
> I'm also having problems getting phonebook subentries correctly
> written, but that could be at my end.
> [This is all with gnokii compiled fresh from cvs]
> Another question -- is it possible to erase phonebook entries using
> gnokii? If I'm synchronizing my phonebook from the computer to the
> phone and the number of phonebook entries decreases, how do I clear
> the extra memory positions in the phone that were previously occupied?

Yes it is, if the name and number of the location are empty, the entry
will be deleted.

* Len Trigg writes:
> Using 6310 and current cvs:
> Another issue I've found with writing phonebook entries is that phone
> numbers often have extra digits appended to them. This seems to happen
> over 50% of the time, and occurs both for the main number entry and
> subentries.
> I can generate some debug output if people wish.

I will see if I have the same behaviour here.

Thank you for the bug reports, will take care of them right now.


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