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Re: [patch] DLR3 support for 6310 ― request for testing

From: Ulrich Hopp
Subject: Re: [patch] DLR3 support for 6310 ― request for testing
Date: Sun, 7 Jul 2002 12:16:44 +0200
User-agent: KMail/1.4.1

Hi Pawel,
> In the attachment you'll find the patch for the fbus.c file. This patch is
> indended only for Nokia 6310 users to make tests. It will probably break
> support when you use DAU9p cable. This is a dirty hack, but I'd like to
> know what is required to make the connection. It seems to work with my
> Nokia 6310 but not in all cases. Please do test it, you can try to
> experiment with sleep()s between the commands.
It works for me.
gnokii : latest version from CVS ( 07.07.2002 ) + your patch
Phone : Nokia 6310 V 4.10 04-01-02 NPE-4
Cabel : DLR3

Some general comments :

When I started  gnokii --monitor with your patch I got the same message (on 
the phone display) when I connected the cable to the phone, which said, that 
the cable is now connected to the phone.

When I try to use my phone in AT mode with e.g. minicom I have to 
disconnect und reconnect the cable several times to get it working.


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