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Reading the phonebook from a 7110

From: Lars Bjønnes
Subject: Reading the phonebook from a 7110
Date: Thu, 04 Jul 2002 17:49:37 +0200
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I couldn't find an option for the gnokii command line utility to read
the phonebook of my phone, a 7110 (or others). I've used the CVS
version (2 days old now), and added functionality for getting a simple
list of the entries using gnokii --getphonebook.

However, my code is far from complete and fully tested¹, with lots of
debugging information needing to be removed. Are you guys planning to
support --getphonebook, or should I continue to develop this function
and post a patch later?

(Btw, is there a "library" version of gnokii, suitable for interfacing
to a phone from Python or Perl?)

Anyway, thanks for a great program.

¹ Here's the function I'm working on. I'm no C-programmer, so this is
probably really awful code. :-) I've added the --getphonebook option
in all the appropriate places, this is just the function. I'll submit
a complete patch later if anyone is insterested.


static int getphonebook()
        GSM_PhonebookEntry entry;
        GSM_Data        data;
        GSM_Error error = GE_NOTSUPPORTED;
        int i;

        /* Do I really need both memsets? */
        memset(&entry, 0, sizeof(GSM_PhonebookEntry));  
        memset(&data, 0, sizeof(GSM_Data));     
        entry.Location = 100;
        entry.MemoryType = GMT_SM;
        data.PhonebookEntry = &entry;

        /* Do write and report success/failure. */
        error = SM_Functions(GOP_ReadPhonebook, &data, &State);
        if (error == GE_NONE) {
          fprintf (stdout, _("Name:%s\n"), entry.Name);
          fprintf (stdout, _("Number:%s\n"), entry.Number);
          if (entry.SubEntriesCount > 0) {
            for (i = 0; i < entry.SubEntriesCount; i++) {
              fprintf (stdout, _("subentry\n"));              
              fprintf (stdout, _("Number:%s\n"), 
        } else {
          fprintf (stdout, _("Read  FAILED(%s)"), print_error(error));
        return 0;       


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