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Re: How to instruct Nokia mobile phone through an IC??

From: Christopher Kemp
Subject: Re: How to instruct Nokia mobile phone through an IC??
Date: 04 Jul 2002 08:05:07 +0100

On Jul 3 2002, Cheung Eric wrote:

Dear all,

Thank you very much for your reply.
Yes, what i mean of IC is integrated circuit.
But why is it necessary to do 115200 and what is rlp protocol?
Is there any chips (IC) that you can recommand for me?
Thank you very very much!!!

The 6110 series of phones only work at 115200 as far as we know. It is possible to send "mbus" commands (as opposed to "fbus" ones) at 9600 but I don't think you can do data over mbus. RLP = radio link protocol - it is the protocol used to transmit the data to the mobile base station - ie containing error correction etc. On the 6210 etc RLP is implemented in the phone - but on the 6110 you have to do it in a 'softmodem'. Have a look at rlp-common.c in the gnokii source. ICs... well I like the Atmel range on microcontrollers - and some of them can do 115200 I believe. I've no idea if they are fast enough or if the code will fit though.


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