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Re: Questions

From: Dave Wilson
Subject: Re: Questions
Date: Tue, 2 Jul 2002 13:52:22 +0100

On Tue, Jul 02, 2002 at 12:34:00PM +0100, Yang Jun wrote:

> NAME:DasBoot
> BEAT:100
> MELODY:*4#d2*4d3*4c3*4d3*4#d3*4g3*4#a2*4a3*4g3*4a3*4#a3*5d3*5f1.r2*4f2*4e3
> *4d3*4e3*4f3*4a3*5c2.*4b3*4a3*4b3*5c3*5e3*5g1.r1

> The specification is issued by irda org.So I'd like to know whether I can
> convert this format into wav file, and play the converted wav file? or Is
> there any other methods I can play the imelody file in wince OS?Except
> some functions such as waveoutwrite, Is there any other functions which
> can be used to play audio file in a low level? Maybe you can give me some
> advices,thanks.

The standard PC speaker can do this very easily. Failing that, take a look
at Cool Edit, You could  use it's "make beautiful
music" MIDI feature to play the tones and to generate a waveform from that.

If you get the frequencies for the tones (very easy I'd imagine), even a
quick QBASIC program could do what you are after. QBASIC has a SOUND x,y
function which lets you play a tone for a certain length of time.

Also try searching on for what you are after. A quick search for
"imelody to midi convert" reveals WinCE should
support MIDI. If it doesn't, use a tool such as tiMIDIty
<> to do that for you.

Have fun,

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