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Re: Does Gnokii ONLY support GSM phones

From: Derek Broughton
Subject: Re: Does Gnokii ONLY support GSM phones
Date: Mon, 27 May 2002 08:38:01 -0300

I've tried to ask this three times.  No response.

Most North American users do not have GSM phones.  The major carriers use
CDMA or TDMA (my carrier is moving to GSM, and claims it's supported
wherever there is current TDMA digital coverage - they lie :-( ).

When I try to connect, I get messages prefixed with GSM_.  Is this because
you really can't connect a TDMA phone to gnokii, or simply a bad assumption
on the part of some developer (I have, after all, heard Brits call a phone
"a GSM").
Derek Broughton

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