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trouble with getsms/smsreader and 6210

From: Matthias Dahl
Subject: trouble with getsms/smsreader and 6210
Date: Sun, 26 May 2002 22:55:30 +0200
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Hey there...         <( )>-=-<( powered by linux )> 

First of all, I am new to the list and I'd like to say that gnokii is a great
piece of software...! Thanks to everyone! :)

Now to my problem. I checked gnokii out of CVS earlier today and after I got
it to compile and work without the 3110 and 2110, I played  around  with  it
and tried to backup my SMS INBOX from my handy.  Now the problem is, get sms
needs as parameter the memory type which should be ME in this case because I
have all my SMS stored on the handy memory not on the sim card. But whenever
I try to read one sms (e.g. gnokii -getsms ME 10),  it ends up with an error
msg that I have specified a wrong memory type.   I have looked up all memory
types and none of them seems to fit, nevertheless I tried  them  :)  but  no
change in behavior. :( Currently I have over 100 SMS stored, so I tried some
random numbers between 1 and 100 but none worked. :(

To confirm that the 6210 is working with gnokii, I used -monitor and  tested
some other functions... no problems.

And last but not least, with -smsreader, it connects saying that it is ready
but nothing else happens. One can safely leave the smsreader mode but no sms
has been displayed. :(

Thanks in advance 4 any help I may get -- and if someone needs further infos
or wants me to test something, just let me know... :)

So long,

]) address@hidden, GPG 0x51FA41C6, matthew2k on, ICQ# 89464954 ([

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