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Re: 6160/6160i

From: Derek Broughton
Subject: Re: 6160/6160i
Date: Mon, 20 May 2002 13:19:33 -0300

From: "BORBELY Zoltan" <address@hidden>
> If you have some time you can make some experiment. Maybe this phone can
> be supported by one of the existing drivers. Try to set the model to one
> the following: 6110, 6510, 3110, 2110, dancall, AT, AT-HW and issue
> gnokii --identify. Please write us which is working and which is not.
I've tried all of the above, with exactly the same results - except that AT
and AT-HW don't seem to be supported in any manner whatsoever (version
0.3.5 - I tried to download the CVS files according to the instructions on, and it clearly isn't accepting anonymous logins; so I tried to
download 0.4.0pre19 from ftp and it doesn't make

Still nobody has explained how the 6160 comes to be listed in the FAQ as a
supported model or whether these "GSM" messages are really indicative that
gnokii can only handle GSM phones, or are they just badly named?

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