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Re: FYI: Sending SMS and error 4

From: Marcin Wiacek
Subject: Re: FYI: Sending SMS and error 4
Date: Mon, 20 May 2002 17:05:35 +0200


(this is sent in new thread - sorry. I have subsribed gnokii list in
passive mode and don't have email, I should reply reply to):

1. Dear Chris. I think, many people are TIRED of our "wars". I want
joining both projects, always wanted. Maybe you haven't seen my "DCT4
help part 2" post.  If not, I will cite long part:

"even if all functions will be put in phone modules into
gnokii (it will need many time for some details), there is still Unicode
coding todo (another time), still in many places  some more general
solutions are required (need time), win32 compatibility (I wasn't able
to compile pre20 again with MS VC - so, fixing need time), etc. Why
don't avoid it and don't use (for example - maybe something better ?)
mygnokii2, where it's 100% done ? Where at least majority of "old"
problems is 100% resolved ? Won't be great to start working on it and
going to higher abstraction level NOW ? Not making stupid and easy
things ?"

IMHO, even if 0.4.0 will be finally released, tested, etc., it will be
OBSOLETE in many parts. It won't have many parts done like they should.
People sometimes wasting money (like with incorrectly written SMS
sending) and I only try to avoid it.

Soon I will have all DCT3 support (full, 100% done), AT module during
month, I can also move 6110 datacalls to mygnokii2. So, I think, (as I
wrote), it's better to take this project as start point, because it's
faster, smaller, additionaly doesn't have many gnokii problems. Have
many, many things, which are TODO for gnokii. And work together on
IMPORTANT things like 100% done GUI.

Sorry, if my comment was bitter. But I feel sometimes bitter in this
nonsence, when check, what new is on this and other lists.

2. For Pavel Janik: similiary. I don't think, spending 100 hours on
fixing something isn't good, when can take something written during 100
hours, which doesn't have all old problems.


Question for both: have you ever short looked and tried to compare both
? If not, let's give at least half of hour and take decision good for
USERS. I haven't even seen any question from you, whey this or other
thing is done this way. It means for me, that you see only (with all
respect without flames, etc.) gnokii and don't want see anything more.
Any other solutions are wrong, aren't they ?

You don't want see localizing using external text files (after compiling
:-)))), better reporting tools, better and smaller phone modules, etc.,

People are tired of "wars". We don't speak about projects, where are
thousands of contributors. Joining can improve both. I know gnokii is
your hard work. But IMHO communicaty will be more happy, when will have
modern software at all.

Commenting my words: "and only you have this, not we ?" won't resolve
some problems. Also getting some parts from one to another (from gnokii
to mygnokii or vice versa) will resolve them only partially.

Pozdrowienia/Best Regards
Marcin Wiacek (mailto:address@hidden,,

mygnokii mirrors (,,

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