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Re: Using the cellphone as a PIN pad

From: Jussi Aalto
Subject: Re: Using the cellphone as a PIN pad
Date: Mon, 20 May 2002 15:21:28 +0300

On Monday 20 May 2002 13:09, Marco Manyevere wrote:
> Hi,
> Does anyone know if it is possible to put the Nokia cell phone in
> password mode (like when you enter your PIN at start up) and use it as
> a PIN pad, i.e. numbers typed on the cell reflect as stars but are sent
> to the PC unmodified. Something along the lines of the GSM AT commands
> AT+CMER, AT+CKPD, AT+CMEC, etc. Or alternatively, can someone recommend
> a cell phone that supports the full range of the GSM AT commands
> mentioned above.
> My 6210 doesn't support any of them,
> My 6150 (through data suite) supports limited options of  only AT+CMER
> and AT+CMEC but not AT+CKPD
> Thanks in advance for any pointers
> Marco


Ericsson R320s supports a bunch of at-commands, see my attachment. I 
didn't though find AT+CMEC, what is it supposed to do?


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