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RE: DCT4 help part 2

From: Marcin Wiacek
Subject: RE: DCT4 help part 2
Date: Sun, 19 May 2002 22:31:50 +0200

Hi Markus,

As always, please read everything. Maybe some things will be explained
and I will understand some things ?

This time I decided to send CC to gnokii list. I hope, you won't have me
wrong it. Maybe gnokii users can me explain some things noticed in my
text ?

> > [you flaming me and Pawel]
> Things are quite easy. You think that you can do things much better
> than Pawel, "we" don't agree. "We" are working together with Pawel on 
> gnokii. And you want us to join your project. "We" don't want to. 
> That's just the way it is. Accept it!
I don't want flame anyone (sorry, if it looked this way).

But more than half work connected with gnokii/mygnokii2 is connected
with rewriting from one to another and vice versa (do you agree with me
?). I'm very, very tired with it. I want just to connect phone and make
everything. Now I can do it with DCT3 phones - I connect them and make
many things. Soon I will have full backup/restore. I don't have warnings
in MS VC and there are also some other advantages of mygnokii2 - it's
smaller, faster, etc. 

Joining gnokii with it can give big possibilites to both. That's all.
There were in history many examples of connections and I still think,
it's still possible here. Don't you want to make good (the best) project
or what ?

>From my side: yes, I think, I can make some things better than Pawel.
But it's because I sniffed and made big part of protocol info and have
some experience from it. Paweł doesn't and I see it in his source and I
can give examples, when his source is weak.

And I still (sometimes) believe, that "free" projects should be done
independent of quarrels together. Also here. That's why I write what I

And I write: even if all functions will be put in phone modules into
gnokii (it will need many time for some details), there is still Unicode
coding todo (another time), still in many places  some more general
solutions are required (need time), win32 compatibility (I wasn't able
to compile pre20 again with MS VC - so, fixing need time), etc. Why
don't avoid it and don't use (for example - maybe something better ?)
mygnokii2, where it's 100% done ? Where at least majority of "old"
problems is 100% resolved ? Won't be great to start working on it and
going to higher abstraction level NOW ? Not making stupid and easy
things ?

I agree, it's hard to accept for me it everything.

> Hmm.. at the moment I am giving time to help you implementing
> DCT4 phone support and not the other way, don't I? 
Yes. But I sometimes words "I made for gnokii, I don't have time for
mygnokii" make sometimes such reactions from side (reasons above). I can
also think, that help from your side is end (after such your words it's
possible and I don't know, what to do ;-))))))))). 

Maybe sorry for it. But sometimes I have also additional question: maybe
nobody is interested in ending gnokii ? Because it can look this way:
infinitely testing, rewriting, playing.

>From me side: I almost wrote DCT3 during month (it's not advertisement.
I say only fact here), tested it and it's OK (have many requests from
people, it's OK for them too). Isn't nodoby interested in such coding ?
If you don't believe, please connect your 6210 to mygnokii2 (again: I
don't want advertise here, just say facts).

This is not my thing now, but additionaly hard for me is sometimes, when
read 9999'th request about problem with thing, which should be resolved
very long ago (in gnokii list). It's hard, because it's possible to
avoid it finally. I think, it's not flaming now (do you agree ?), but
facts. And Paweł for me seems not to do anything about it...

> The time when I decoded DCT4 frames mygnokii didn't handle 
> that kind of phones properly. If it does now I will use it.
Yes. It can.

> > or offset problem. I moved offsets from gnokii, so maybe it's not 
> > coded like big operator logo ?
> That's just exactly what I told you: Operator logos in DCT3 
> and DCT4 are stored (in phone) in a different way. Nothing 
> about offsets.


GSM_Nokia7110OperatorLogo to something else (or create new logo type and
change it here) and voila...

> Sorry, seems I missed that.
No problem.

Pozdrowienia/Best Regards
Marcin Wiacek (mailto:address@hidden,,

mygnokii mirrors (,,

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