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5110/sending ring tones

From: Anthony Symons
Subject: 5110/sending ring tones
Date: 17 May 2002 10:33:09 +0930

If this sort of stuff is answered in a faq let me know and I'll go check

I have just obtained a 5110 and data cable, which I plan to use with
gnokii under linux. The phone interface works fine, but it wont let me
send ring tones to other phones. I know the 5110 is incapable of using
custom ring tones itself, but under logomanager under NT I was able to
send them to my better mobile no worries. Is this the expected
functionality of gnokii? Are there any plans to change it? I can log the
serial transfer of a ringtone via sms under NT if any developers would
be interested in seeing it.

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