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Question 1

From: Mar Estillore
Subject: Question 1
Date: Mon, 13 May 2002 16:07:52 +0800

Hello Gnokii colleague,

Greetings I'm fairly new at the userlist.  My questions are
1)  How is the gnokii support for Nokia 3210/3310/6210/7110 ?
2)  What is the recommended Nokia phone model to start the
   gnokii (or what is the most stable Nokia model to run gnokii).
3)  Will having the nokia data suite and the cable / plus the
    download and installation of the gnokii do it, or do I need
    to consider other things.   My objective is to run it on my
    clone linux machine PII-350.

To all kind hearts who will take the time to answer my questions
- thank you very much, gracias mucho, merci beaucoup.


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