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Re: SMS thru 5110 using a PIC

From: Phil Seakins
Subject: Re: SMS thru 5110 using a PIC
Date: Fri, 10 May 2002 08:32:12 +1000

At 07:11 AM 09/05/02, you wrote:
>i am working on a project wherein i have to interface a micocontroller with
>a Nokia 5110, using the COM2 port of the RS-232 interface,  such that the
>microcontroller is capable of sending and receiving SMS messages. I wish to
>use the FBUS protocol, but i am not clear about its interpretation. Can
>someone please help me regarding this?

Interfacing to a Nokia 5110 is hugely problematic. The protocol is complex and only partially documented. By comparison, the Ericsson T10 (for example) with its simple "AT" protocol is so much easier and cheaper and only needs 9600 baud. The serial baud rate on the Nokia is 115,200 which means the i/face HAS to be interrupt driven on a microcontroller.

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