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Re: Models and interfaces

From: Christian Rishoej
Subject: Re: Models and interfaces
Date: 09 May 2002 23:01:49 +0200

Hi all,

> > When trying to fetch all contacts, xgnokii detects that I have 180 /
> > 500 contacts (which is true) and starts reading them. When it reaches
> > 180 it doesn't stop though, just continues up to 186 and seems to
> > hang.  I've attached a dump of the debugging output from xgnokii when
> > I just fire it up. If you would find any other information useful, I'd
> > be happy to provide it.
> The dump you attached seems to be empty. What would be useful is the
> dump from the end of reading contacts.

Sorry about the attachment, this time it's there alright.

Of the 186 contacts it reads 6 of them are empty, so I guess that makes
sense (I have 180 contacts).

The interface still hangs after the last contact is read though.

In the attached output, I cut out most of the contacts to reduce the
filesize and put in a few comments (marked with a #).

If you need any additional information, please don't hesitate to tell


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