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Can 6110 code for ringtone

From: Paladin
Subject: Can 6110 code for ringtone
Date: Tue, 07 May 2002 15:31:30 -0400


I have quite a problem, I want to be able to send ringtone data from a
6110.  Is it possible?

I'm just wondering whether the code for 6110 specifically in function
FB61_TX_DispatchMessage can be altered so I can send ringtone data from
the phone.  In the following code what hex value could I look for so I
would know that the SMS message contains ringtone data?

        if (MessageBuffer[20] & 0x40) {
                switch(MessageBuffer[40=offset]) {
                case 0x00: /*concatenated messages*/
                        dprintf(_("Concatedated message!!!\n"));
                        CurrentSMMessage->UDHType = GSM_ConcatedatedMessages;
                        if (MessageBuffer[41+offset] != 0x03) {
                                /*should be some error*/
                case 0x05;/*logos*/
                        switch(MessageBuffer[43+offset]) {
                        case 0x82;
                                CurrentSMSMessage->UDHType = GSM_OpLogo;
                        case 0x83:
                                CurrentSMSMessage->UDHType = GSM_CallerIDLogo;

--------------->//Can I place anything here?

                /*Skip user data header when reading data*/
                off = (MessageBuffer[39+offset]+1);
                for (i=0; i<off; i++)
                        CurrentSMSMessage->UDHType = GSM_NoUDH;
        } else {
                CurrentSMSMessage->UDHType = GSM_NoUDH;


It doesn't necessarily have to be in this part of the code that I could
make the changes, it would be ok if it should be done somewhere else in
the code as long as it could be done that i could send ringtone data
from a 6110.  

I also saw in the protocol that comes with gnokii in the security
settings that I could set and get binary ringtone data...could u
enlighted me about this one...could I use this?  

Also, in what location does the ringtone data reside, I know it's either
in the SMS or Phone memory but can I specify it..? does it reside in the
same place as SMS messages?

Any help would be very much appreciated!!!

Thank u very much.


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