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Re: Roadmap for 6210

From: Klaus Lichtenwalder
Subject: Re: Roadmap for 6210
Date: 02 May 2002 07:49:51 +0200

Am Mit, 2002-05-01 um 18.20 schrieb Pawel Kot:
> The rest will remain untouched. I leave tomorrow for 4 days, so anyone is
> welcome to do the xgnokii/smsd/other drivers stuff.

Ip hope it's for holiday...
> I'll push this into CVS or just give the url to my local tree tarball/cvs.

thanks, read it in the other message
> Anyway any helpful hand is very welcome. We are working on gnokii as our
> hobby, so it is usual situation when none of developers has much time for
> the development.

yes, as usual. I'll try to get into the topic, as at the moment I don't
have too much time at hand.

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