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Re: Data Calls - No Carrier

From: C. Kemp
Subject: Re: Data Calls - No Carrier
Date: Wed, 1 May 2002 12:56:47 +0100 (BST)

Just a thought - if you want to check that it is the rlp version that is 
the problem, you could change rlp-common.c in common/data/ so that at 
least the call would be made.  It will probably soon hang up since the 
compression will complain...but I guess you should reliably get CONNECT.

Just look for the function XID_Handling and change 

                /* Version Number - force to 0 for now */
                RLP_VersionNumber = 0;
                frame->Data[count++] = 0x11;
                frame->Data[count++] = RLP_VersionNumber;

                /* Version Number - force to 1 for now */
                RLP_VersionNumber = 1;
                frame->Data[count++] = 0x11;
                frame->Data[count++] = RLP_VersionNumber;


P.S.  Actually I got it wrong - it is V42 - or rather the compression 
spec in V42bis.

On Wed, 1 May 2002, Warren Flemmer wrote:

> >
> >
> >From a quick glance, it looks to me as if your service provider is not
> >letting you (normally) use RLP version 0 (which hasn't got V32
> >compression).  The XID discussion above seems to get 'stuck' on Ver 1. 
> >Although they should be backwards compatible to ver 0 a couple of other
> >people have had this problem as well.  I'm afraid there's probably nothing
> >you can do except check a different physical position (perhaps the base
> >station is different?) or write some compression support.....
> >
> >I'll try and do compression support at some point - but it's unlikely to be
> >before the summer - and last time I checked, orange here in the uk didn't
> >support mode 1.....
> >
> I am not sure I understand properly. Are you saying the server side is 
> causing the error
> or the base station? The server side I can do something about (its at 
> the office), the base
> station is beyond my control.
> The servers I am dialing into are linux portslave and do not have ppp 
> compression support
> (some license nonsense regarding this can be found in their archives). 
> The purpose for
> the datacall support is to allow for some admin without having to need a 
> land line. The
> current modem banks are only used for testing and in the end I will set 
> up an separate
> access point only for this function. So I am not limited to the current 
> config on the server
> side (answer side), I can setup whatever works (within reason).
> I know ms ras supports ppp compression and some modems like the USR 
> courier-I's, support
> ppp compression internally (do not require compression code on the 
> server). Has anyone setup
> a server side that works with gnokii. I do not want to go the MS route, 
> but this functionality
> is important enough to me that I will if required, and the resources are 
> available to me. The
> courier modems are very expensive and their use in this situation would 
> not be economically
> viable (probably cheaper to buy a new phone than one of these modems).
> Can anyone suggest a server side config that should work with gnokii, or 
> have I missed the
> point?
> Thanks
> Warren
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