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Re: Data Calls - No Carrier

From: Warren Flemmer
Subject: Re: Data Calls - No Carrier
Date: Wed, 01 May 2002 11:11:01 +0200
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From a quick glance, it looks to me as if your service provider is not
letting you (normally) use RLP version 0 (which hasn't got V32
compression). The XID discussion above seems to get 'stuck' on Ver 1. Although they should be backwards compatible to ver 0 a couple of other
people have had this problem as well.  I'm afraid there's probably nothing
you can do except check a different physical position (perhaps the base
station is different?) or write some compression support.....

I'll try and do compression support at some point - but it's unlikely to be
before the summer - and last time I checked, orange here in the uk didn't
support mode 1.....

I am not sure I understand properly. Are you saying the server side is causing the error or the base station? The server side I can do something about (its at the office), the base
station is beyond my control.

The servers I am dialing into are linux portslave and do not have ppp compression support (some license nonsense regarding this can be found in their archives). The purpose for the datacall support is to allow for some admin without having to need a land line. The current modem banks are only used for testing and in the end I will set up an separate access point only for this function. So I am not limited to the current config on the server
side (answer side), I can setup whatever works (within reason).

I know ms ras supports ppp compression and some modems like the USR courier-I's, support ppp compression internally (do not require compression code on the server). Has anyone setup a server side that works with gnokii. I do not want to go the MS route, but this functionality is important enough to me that I will if required, and the resources are available to me. The courier modems are very expensive and their use in this situation would not be economically
viable (probably cheaper to buy a new phone than one of these modems).

Can anyone suggest a server side config that should work with gnokii, or have I missed the


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