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Re: Controlling the Nokia 5110

From: Phil Seakins
Subject: Re: Controlling the Nokia 5110
Date: Wed, 24 Apr 2002 14:59:10 +1000

>Hi does anyone know how to control the Nokia 5110 using the serial cable.
>I am currently trying to write software for a microprocessor to control
>the 5110, and seeing that the 5110 has no modem, an interfacing software
>needs to be written for the phone. If anyone know how to get this data
>into the phone, please let me know. I also looked at the Gnokii files, and
>could not make head or tail as to where to start. I looked into the
>Documents directory as well, but still using the Nokia protocols that were
>specified in that document, I still could not get the phone to work.

Just keep looking at the docs and read the source files. The info, although somewhat confuscated, IS there. No-one here in "gnokii-users" is likely to help you.

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