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Class of sms message.

From: Giles Westwood
Subject: Class of sms message.
Date: Thu, 18 Apr 2002 22:14:14 +0100

What does the class field of smsd do ? Apparently the default class is

sms.Type = GST_MO;
    sms.Class = atoi(row[3]);
    sms.Compression = false;
    sms.EightBit = false;
    sms.Validity = 4320;
    sms.UDHType = GSM_NoUDH;

I'd like to send vcards to people using my service. Does anyone know
which user data header I need
And whether 8bit needs to be true.

I've finished my project now that uses gnokii. The url is

Feel free to test it out. Any help will be greatly received.



Giles Westwood
I.T Undergraduate
Leeds University 
The bigger the hard drive the faster I fill it.
the less space I have. 
the more I need yet a bigger hard drive.

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