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Initial results from nokia 6360

From: Kevin White
Subject: Initial results from nokia 6360
Date: 17 Apr 2002 09:28:45 -0500

Dear gnokii-users list,

I've recently purchased a nokia 6360 pone and I've always had an
interest in manipulating the data on my phone via linux.  My previos
phone required a data cable that I didn't want to put out the $$$ for,
but this phone has infrared.  In speaking with Pawel I was able to find
the correct files to modify and I have succesfully "communicated" with
the phone via IrDA(gateway solo 5150 laptop, RHLinux 7.2) and gnokii.  I
have attached the results of gnokii --identify for anyone who is

Other things I've tried are:
xgnokii:  I was able to "retrieve" my contacts.  Unfortuantely I got
incorrect data and nothing but whitespaces were displayed in the
informational areas.  Battery and Signal indicators are blank.

Anything else I've tried has errored out, but I've gotten no segfaults.

If there is any other information I can post that will help in
development of gnokii please let me know and I will assist as much as I


Kevin White, Linux+, A+

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