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Re: gnokii can be compiled on solaris

From: Marcus Pallinger
Subject: Re: gnokii can be compiled on solaris
Date: Wed, 17 Apr 2002 19:33:28 +1000
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> > misc.h lines 150-153:
> > #if (!defined _BSD_SOURCE) && (!defined _BSDTYPES_DEFINED)
> >         typedef unsigned char u_char;
> > #endif
> > Sounds like this is another candidate for autoconfing...
> No, no. I meant defines in your system types.h. I know the contents oth the 
> misc.h ;-)

Ahhh.. It's wrapped in:
#if defined(__EXTENSIONS__) || \
        (!defined(_POSIX_C_SOURCE) && !defined(_XOPEN_SOURCE))
#endif  /* defined(__EXTENSIONS__) || (!defined(_POSIX_C_SOURCE) && ... */

> But agree. It is the candidate for the autoconf.

I would do it, but autoheader seems to not like either


it says:
/usr/local/bin/autoheader: Symbol `u_char' is not covered by 
/usr/local/share/autoconf/acconfig.h ./acconfig.h

which makes it hard to generate a header file that conditionally defines

is there a propper way of doing this?

> > > > Text relocation remains                         referenced
> > > >     against symbol                  offset      in file
> > > -fPIC should help. Or ./configure --disable-shared
> > Oh, hte post that I was replying to said that it compiled on solaris, so I 
> > thoguht I'd see if it worked... I knew of this problem, just pointing it out
> > that it still exited :)
> OK. Is -fPIC harmless for Linux? for *BSD? for Windows? for others?

I can't answer that, I havn't tried gnokii on any of those platforms
in a long time :)

> > > > When compiling statically (configure --disable-shared) xgnokii
> > > > does not link:
> > > What if you revert the last xgnokii Makefile patch?
> > > 1. Remove GLDLIBS from the gcc options line
> > > 2. s/GLDLIBS/LDLIBS/ above
> Damn. Such think does not work on several Linux machines as it was
> reported. It ain't good. I'm going to waste some time on learning linking
> things then next few days...

I've found thigns work better if I specify libraries after all my .o files
Of course, I havn't had access to Linux in a long time....

Some historical implementations have permitted -L options to be 
interspersed with -l operands on the command line. For an application 
to compile consistently on systems that do not behave like this, it is 
necessary for a conforming application to supply all -L options before 
any of the -l options.

Drivers are strictly forbidden to drive their car in the opposite 
direction to the race -- FIA F1 Sporting Regulations (Section 90)

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