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Re: smsreader problem

From: Pavel Machek
Subject: Re: smsreader problem
Date: Sun, 14 Apr 2002 23:24:55 +0200
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> I do however have another problem.
> As far as I can understand the code in gnokii.c and smsreader function
> when it recieves an sms from a known number it should save it as
> /tmp/sms/mail_msgno or /tmp/sms/mail_msgno_msgpart. But in my case the
> sms is allways saved as /tmp/sms/unknown_pid_num++. 
> Does anyone have a quick fix for that too?
> (I am using nokia 5110 with gnokii from cvs 0.4.0pre17).

It uses fixed format of provider in CR.. If your message matches
WWW1/1:1234-5678 where 1234 is msgno and 5678 is msgpart, it should

[It probably needs to be generalized, somehow...]
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