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Re: GSM/FBUS init failed

From: Frank Coldewe
Subject: Re: GSM/FBUS init failed
Date: Sat, 13 Apr 2002 18:08:40 +0200

Hello Derek,

it is not important for me to use gnokii or gnokiid, I will will use my
nokia as a modem and maybe if it`s possible with highspeed options but
first I will test if the phone works as a normal modem with cable.
Edding the teleponebook is no problem for me, I can do this under
windows but there are the same problems to install the modem, and here I
mean linux give me  better options to solve these problems.

To get the modem to work on serial device, I need sometihng that could
tell  me if the phone is connected to my hardware. pppconfig detects
just my standartmodem,
and if I choose the /dev/ttyS1 device by hand and start the connection
then tail -f /var/log/messages yust say`s that pppd is started but then
Modem string on pppconf is ATZ maybe this would be change to AT -
commands that used for nokia 6120, but the mainthing is that the modem
is still not connected.

Chio Frank

Frank Coldewe schrieb:

> Hi,
> since i have my nokia 6210 and use gnokii I get the
> message
> GMS/FBUS init failed
> VM_Initialise-Vm_GSM Initialise failed
> if i try gnokiid.
> What could be wrong, gnokiirc seems to be right.
> Chio Frank
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