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Problem with SMSD in latest version

From: Dhillon Andrew Kannabhiran
Subject: Problem with SMSD in latest version
Date: Fri, 12 Apr 2002 23:58:50 +0800

I've been trying to get the SMSD code to compile all the way from 0.3.5 to the current latest version and haven't managed to succeed at all! Quite frustrating, eitherways, the latest set of problems seems to be in the make stage which complains about GSM_MAX_DESTINATION_LENGTH being undeclared and the first time its being used in mysql.c on line 128. I've tried declaring the variable as a static (I was lazy to look through the code), and it compiled okay but couldn't run ... with the smsd -m mysql -l /usr/shared/smsd/ command string... just kept on complaining about not being able to find the library... Any one got some ideas? Eitherways, I'm asking all this mainly cause I'm trying to create a PHP front end to gnokii and the most elegant way of acomplishing this would most likely be through the use of smsd -- but I can't get it to run! argh! Help.!
Dhillon Andrew
Founder/Chief Executive Officer,
Hack In The Box -- Keeping Knowledge Free

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