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Re[2]: Multiple phone with Gnokii

From: Ganesh Lohia
Subject: Re[2]: Multiple phone with Gnokii
Date: Thu, 11 Apr 2002 16:14:28 +0530

>> As the serial device name is compiled into the binary, can multiple binaries 
>> be created configured with difference serial
>> devices and then these binaries be executed simultaneously ?  For example 
>> gnokii.com1, gnokii.com2 etc.

PK> The only way to do it at the moment is to run multiple gnokii instances
PK> from different users accounts (eg. gnokii1, gnokii2, ...).

>> Also, has anyone had success using intelligent multiport serial cards such 
>> as "Stallion Easy Connection" with Gnokii
>> instead of onboard COM ports ?

PK> If I had such card, I could test it ;-) But I don't have one.

I think, if the serial card maps the serial ports to ttyS0, ttyS1 etc...,
then we can configure the connection to gnokii in the .gnokiirc
configuration file itself. Someone please correct me if I am wrong.


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