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Multiple phone with Gnokii

From: Bruce Cunningham
Subject: Multiple phone with Gnokii
Date: Thu, 11 Apr 2002 11:52:55 +1000

Can Gnokii support multiple phones simultaneously?

Running Linux Redhat 6.0 with Gnokii 0.3.3 as a SMS server using a Nokia 5110.  
More phones are required to 
meet capacity for both incoming and outgoing SMS.

As the serial device name is compiled into the binary, can multiple binaries be 
created configured with difference serial
devices and then these binaries be executed simultaneously ?  For example 
gnokii.com1, gnokii.com2 etc.

Also, has anyone had success using intelligent multiport serial cards such as 
"Stallion Easy Connection" with Gnokii
instead of onboard COM ports ?

Great product, thanks for making it.

Bruce Cunningham
AWA Services,
Rosehill NSW

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