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Re: [Patch #221] This make my live so much easier, please guys;-)

From: Pawel Kot
Subject: Re: [Patch #221] This make my live so much easier, please guys;-)
Date: Tue, 09 Apr 2002 14:24:51 +0200

>>> "Feico de Boer" <address@hidden> 9 April 2002 12:34:07 >>>
> > > Hmm :-( It would be nice to have one header file that declares the API. In
> > > that case developers could use that, the LIB and the DLL to link it to 
> > > their
> > > own application.
> >
> > Yes and no. If we had just one header it woud have been LAAAARGE. What I'd
> > like to do now, and what I do in fact is to move all exported function core 
> > to gnokii
> > (not counting some help functions) to gsm-api.h. All structs, defines, 
> > enums, etc
> > would be in the other headers. Is it sane?

> What is the issue with the LAAAARGE header file, is it compile time or is it
> maintenance? In case of the first I would opt for a single file despite the
> compile time. If it is the latter, I can understand your issue.

Indeed. This is the maintenance issue.

> Apart from that, two files is fine I think, just that it is easier to 
> understand when
> there is just one file. I just don't like the idea that numerous files must
> be included and distributed for just using the DLL, but that is addressed
> with your proposal also.

I agree that mulriple headers are very inconvinent when you distribute library 
other apps development. But it is very convinient in the library development.
And really would like to leave it as it is for the moment. The goal is, that
you just include gsm-api.h in the app and the other are automatically included.


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