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Re: [Patch #221] This make my live so much easier, please guys ;-)

From: Pawel Kot
Subject: Re: [Patch #221] This make my live so much easier, please guys ;-)
Date: Tue, 09 Apr 2002 10:13:52 +0200

Hi Feico,

>>> "Feico de Boer" <address@hidden> 9 April 2002 09:53:36 >>>
> Yesterday evening I have been playing with the DLL and I found the following
> symbols that need to be exported. With Windows DLL's you explicitely need to
> export symbols, I don't know how this is for Unix shared libraries so you
> may not be familiar with the problem. The symbols I found are not in line
> with the gsm-api.h header file which implies to specify the Gnokii GSM API.
> I made some comments about what I think should be provided by the gnokii.dll
> and what should be resolved somehow different. Please give me your comments.
> As this is only Gnokii, it might as well be missing a few symbols.

I think all these symbols are currently exported.

> After going through the list I think the API is defined is at least the
> following header files:
>     gsm-api.h
>     gsm-ringtones.h
>     gsm-bitmaps.h
>     gsm-networks.h
>     ... and those I missed?
[ yes you missed some ]
> Hmm :-( It would be nice to have one header file that declares the API. In
> that case developers could use that, the LIB and the DLL to link it to their
> own application.

Yes and no. If we had just one header it woud have been LAAAARGE. What I'd
like to do now, and what I do in fact is to move all exported function core to 
(not counting some help functions) to gsm-api.h. All structs, defines, enums, 
would be in the other headers. Is it sane?


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