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Discussion point: Treat Cygwin as Unix or as Win32

From: Gnokii for Win32
Subject: Discussion point: Treat Cygwin as Unix or as Win32
Date: Mon, 8 Apr 2002 09:58:33 +0200

(I had put this up already in another mail, but it was to hidden to be
picked up.)

Personally I think Cygwin should be treated as another Unix platform.

Even though Cygwin is an hybrid, IMHO it would be more clean and more
consistent with the Cygwin provided API. For Cygwin this means nothing to be
done because sleep() and usleep() are supported. More general, Cygwin is
used together with then WIN32 flag. It would have been better in some cases
if was not done. Because of this there may be conflicts in the Gnokii
sources. It think it would have been better to handle Cygwin as another Unix
and save WIN32 for MS VC++ and MinGW. Ofcourse the Win32 serial routines
should be used with Cygwin and a few other things might need to be changed
but for now I just want to open the discussion.

Comments please.

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