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Re: Patch2

From: Pavel Machek
Subject: Re: Patch2
Date: Wed, 3 Apr 2002 10:44:35 +0200
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> > >        /developers -> some files like CodingStyle, 
> > > gnokii-hackers-howto, logos.txt, packaging-howto.txt
> > >                     /protocol -> protocol files. Rename 
> > nk640.txt to 
> > > nk0640.txt
> > Don't thenk there's much sense with it. What's the advantage of it?
> They will be correct sorted then:
> Nk0640.txt
> Nk2110.txt
> Nk3110.txt
> Etc.

But it will disturb history etc.

You have good reason to do any change, and nicer order at ls is
certainly not good reason.

> > > 5.what about Dancall (finally) ?
> > Does it disturb you?
> Sure. We are speaking about cleanups in source. If file is put in dir,
> where should be put only "correctly" written modules, when contains old
> source, it isn't compilable, it isn't integrated with at module, it's
> obsolete. Remove it or move to obsolete. Do you want to clean source or
> not ? Or maybe I should think, that some parts of source are more
> privileged ?

Removing dancall is wrong solution, making it work is right
one. However, I no longer have dancall cable. Fixing dancall support
should be few minutes of work, and I don't want to see it between
current dir and obsolete.

(about SSSCA) "I don't say this lightly.  However, I really think that the U.S.
no longer is classifiable as a democracy, but rather as a plutocracy." --hpa

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